Available Online Courses


1 Hour Ethics Course

Speaker: Andy Drake


1 Hour Underwriting Course

Speaker: Andy Drake


1 Hour RESPA Course

Speaker: Andy Drake


1 Hour Escrow Course

Speaker: Andy Drake

Settlement and Procedures

3 Hour Settlement and Procedures Course

Speaker: Karen Hart

Core Courses

4 Hour Core Courses that meet the IDOI requirements.Core Courses are 1 hour of each of the following: Ethics, Underwriting,  RESPA, and Escrow.  

Speaker: Andy Drake

Additional Online Courses

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey Standards

2 Hour ALTA Land Title Survey Standards

Speaker: Gary Kent

Legal Descriptions

2 Hour Legal Description

Speaker: Gary Kent

It's Just Policy

7 Hour Policy Seminar

Speaker: Andrea Broe

Title Producer PreLicensing Course

This course is mandatory to apply for your 

Title Producer License.

3 hours of Self Study and 7 hour of Video

Speakers: Andy Drake and Karen Hart

Live Title Courses

Holiday Spectacular Agenda

 Railroads - Gary Kent, Schneider Corporation

 Title Agents depend greatly  on the services of the surveyor in cases relating to Railroad Right of  Ways. Surveyors often deal with railroad rights of way as they retrace  boundaries or guide clients on their needs for easements or licenses  over railroad rights of way. Why do they frequently encounter confusion  over the status of a railroad right of way: is it a fee ownership or  just an easement? Is it abandoned or active and how does one know? What  about "Rails to Trails?" How do you find Railroad Valuation Maps and  vesting deeds? In this session, we will review several significant  Federal and Indiana Court decisions regarding railroad rights of way  including Preseault v. Interstate Commerce Commission (US Supreme Court,  1990), Consolidated Rail Corporation v. Lewellen (Indiana, 1997), Clark  v. CSX (Indiana, 2000) and the more recent Howard v. U.S. (Indiana,  2012). We will also tour the National Trails System Act of 1969 and its  progeny in order to better understand the whole of the debate over  "Rails to Trails." and how the standing of a railroad's right of way can  be perplexing.

Fraud Prevention - Nathan Rock, Key Bank
Overview of Fraud within the Payments Industry 
Different types of fraud and ways to protect against fraud
Fraud prevention: Opportunities
How your bank can help
additional Solutions
Best Practices
 The New Normal - "As the Closing World Turns" - Karen Hart, Meridian Title
This 3 hour course will cover relevant and  critical aspects in a closing transaction today regarding unconventional  closings and the participants as well as new legislation. The objective  is to make attendees aware that our industry is changing continually  and how those changes may impact transactions. Attendees will leave with  the tools to be able to be proactive and knowledgeable in handling the  "new normal".