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2018 Ohio Schedule

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December 10 - Columbus, OH

Annual Holiday Spectacular

Engineering & Surveying – Past, Present, and Future Speaker: Duane Brown

This course will include historical information on how projects were completed (e.g., data gathering & compilation, calculations, plan preparation, presentation, and approval process), current issues and challenges (lack of historical perspective, liability & ethical issues, increasing complexity – regulations, involved parties, construction process, financing, and client relationships), and trends for the future (education, over-confidence in technology, dealing with the morass of regulatory controls, building & maintaining relationships, and protecting the health/safety/welfare of the public).  Examples will be given from historical G.L.O and U.S.C.&G.S. surveys. Opinions will be offered on retracement survey methods in metes-and-bounds tracts and platted subdivisions. Suggestions will be provided on job set-up, record indexing & retrieval, plan & drawing preparation, and establishing reliable survey procedures.

Columbus Airport Marriott, 1375 N. Cassady Avenue, Columbus, OH